COVID-19 Gate Procedures

As you all know, “Social Distancing” is the new norm and we are working our best to follow the guidelines while continuing to serve our Cubby’s Community. The health and safety of our staff and clients, both canine and human, are the highest priority. As such, we are making some modifications to our drop-off and pick-up procedures.

My own dog Ursa helped me yesterday to make a video demonstrating the new process. You can view the video below:

In order to better follow the guidelines of social distancing, we are going to eliminate the close contact we have currently when you are picking up and dropping off your pups. We have set up crates in the little entry way area in between the double gates. The new procedures are documented below and the video is provided as well.

New Drop-off and Pick-up Gate procedures:

Step 1 – Page like you normally would. A staff member will be with you momentarily. Please wait for the staff member to arrive. Rather than come out to the front gate, they are going to stay behind the interior gate.

*Please do not enter the entryway area until the staff member arrives.*

Step 2 – Once the staff member arrives, you will open the front gate yourself. As many of you know, I am EXTREMELY on top of security – with loose dogs, you just have to be! However, in these changing times, we do all need to be a little flexible. The front gate is usually locked but we will leave it unlocked for the time being. Once the staff member arrives, reach through the hole in the wire fencing and pull up on the gate latch until you hear it click and the gate will open.

Step 3 – Pop your dog into the crate, leash and all. We have provided two crates in the entryway area to accommodate multiple dog households.

Step 4 – After the dogs are in the crate(s), please close the front gate. Once that gate is closed, the staff member will come into the entryway and take your pups.

*Please do not leave until the staff member has your dogs.*

Please do not just pop your dogs into the crate and leave. While we need to modify the processes, I would still like a process that has a lot of built in safety and security.

If you have anything to give to us (medications, supplies for boarding stays, payments in the form of check or cash), you can leave that on top of the crate in the bin provided.

A few tips:

If your dog is not exactly cooperating to get into the crate, feel free to toss a treat or two inside.

Be sure to close the gate behind you before putting your dog in or getting your dog out of the crate.  We have had a couple of ‘darters’ who came out of the crate so quickly they went right by their parents.

Cleaning and Sanitizing of the gate area is being done between each client.

Payments – Payments in the form of cash or check can be left on top of the crate. Credit card payments can processed over the phone or on our website via PayPal. (Click the previous link or navigate to the Payments tab via the website menu.)  You will receive an e-mail around noon if there is payment due for that day.  Please be sure to complete on-line payment prior to picking up your dog. Ideally we would like payments completed prior to 4:00 PM so we can log all payments on attendance sheet so there is no confusion at pick up time.


Monday thru Friday
6:45 AM to 7:00 PM

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(Boarding Pick-up & Drop-off Only)
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4:30 PM to 5:45 PM

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