Assistant Manager

Maria, Shift Manager

Maria joined the Cubby’s team as a part time daycare attendant the summer of 2012. She enjoyed working with the dogs so much she decided to join us full time after she graduated in 2013. Maria did her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Holy Family University and plans to go to Graduate school in Animal Behavior Research. While Maria has come to love all of the dogs at Cubby’s, her favorite pups will always be her two Boxers: Rocky and Buster. Her cat, Cupcake, also gets a little jealous when she goes home smelling like dogs everyday. When she is not at Cubby’s she enjoys traveling, going to concerts, and taking her dogs to the park by her house.


Monday thru Friday
6:45 AM to 7:00 PM

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9:00 AM to Noon (Boarding Pick-up & Drop-off Only)

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