Dog Training and Obedience

Cubby’s offers a variety of different training options including group classes, private sessions and stay & train lessons. Whether your furry friend is having trouble adapting to his or her home, needs to learn some basic commands, or wants some new and exciting activities to do, we have something to accommodate your needs and schedule.

Group Classes

We offer Basic and Advanced obedience classes as well as Agility, Therapy Dog and more! Check out the class descriptions and our Training schedule below for details.

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Cost: 6 Week group Classes - $175 / 4 Week Group Classes - $100

Private Sessions

Private lessons are a great way to intensely focus on specific behavior problems, enhance results with a stubborn dog, or supplement the training that you are doing with your dog in classes or during home training sessions. Private lessons are entirely customizable to your needs, personality, and the dog/handler team’s working style.

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Cost: $125/session

In-Home Cost: $125/session

Stay & Train

No time to train your dog? Why not let a pro handle it for you? While you are busy working or running errands, leave your dog in daycare and we will work with your dog for you. A 30-minute intensive training session will focus on specific commands as designated by you. After every session, you will receive a report of what we did during the session and how you can integrate practice sessions into your daily life in order to reinforce training.

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Cost: $45/session

Training Registration Form

 Current Training Schedule:

ClassStart Dates & TimesDurationCost
Basic Obedience Thursday, 6/13 - 6:30 PM
6 Weeks $175
Beyond Basic Thursday, 6/13 - 7:30 PM
6 Weeks $175
Private Session Packages $345
Stay & Train $45/session

Group Classes & Clubs:

Confidence Building

Some dogs are relaxed in new and different settings or approaching unusual objects and surfaces, but other dogs build stress in these same situations. Dogs that build stress may act out with unwanted behaviors like barking, lunging, and growling, while others may shake in fear, try to flee, freeze, or hide. All of these negative reactions to stress can be re-mediated with focused training, which then helps that dog live a happier, more well-adjusted life. In this class we will expose dogs to objects like umbrellas, kiddie pool, wobble board, tunnel, and jumps. We will teach you exercises and techniques you will need to help your dog be brave in any situation!

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Basic Obedience

The adult basic class is designed to teach adult or adolescent dogs foundation-level obedience, including the commands sit, down, stay, come, leave-it, as well as polite leash manners and greetings with people and other dogs. Problem solving and troubleshooting for basic nuisance behaviors will be addressed as needed. Treats and positive reinforcement techniques are used to teach good manners. This class is open to all dogs over four months of age who are people and dog friendly.

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Pre-Requisite: None

Beyond Basic

The Beyond Basic class builds upon foundation commands which were learned in adult basic classes and work towards reliability and consistency with dog behavior. Specifically focusing on adding duration and distance with commands and achieving off-leash control of our dogs and working with distractions.

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Pre-Requisite: Dogs must have completed Adult Basic or be fluent in basic obedience commands including sit, down, stay, come, and heel.

Leash Manners

MannersDo you long for a quiet, peaceful, and relaxed walk with your dog? Whether your dog pulls you down the street, barks at other dogs, or both, Cubby’s Leash Manners class can help you! This four week class will teach you how to train your dogs to be polite on your walks.

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Training in the Real World

Have you ever wished your dog would listen to you anywhere, anytime? Your dog can do it! In this class, we hit the town for great training opportunities: dog friendly businesses, parks, and busy sidewalks! Training in real world environments greatly helps your dog generalize the skills learned in class and at home. Come join us as we work on old skills, learn new ones, and troubleshoot your dog’s specific needs.

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House Manners

If you feel like your dog is a crazy, wild animal and not a pet at your home or when visitors come over, Cubby’s House Manners class can help you! This class is a four week boot-camp of some basic skills that your dog may need to polish up, new skills to help you around the house e.g. more advanced leave-it and stay work. This class will also address problems like when a dog is fearful or angry when visitors come over. Through this class you will learn how to train your dog to stay polite around the house.

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Pre-Requisite: None

Recall Bootcamp

Have you found yourself running down the street in your slippers in a futile chase to get your dog back in the house? Are you known to plead with your dog at the dog park to stop dancing around you and just let you put his leash on? Does your dog listen better to the word ‘Cookie’ than he does ‘Come’? Then this class is for you! Recall Bootcamp is a special, 4-week class which will show you how to effectively teach and enforce a strong recall in your dog. In this class, several different techniques will be taught and practiced, and we will teach recalls through many distractions like other dogs, squirrels, and other people.

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Pre-Requisite: None

Introduction to Agility

Agility training is wonderful for any dog who needs to burn excess energy, build confidence, or is just looking for something new to do! This fun and interactive 6-week course will introduce your dog to basic agility obstacles and concepts including; tunnels, jumps, and contact obstacles (dog walk, table, etc…). In class, we will also talk about obstacle sequencing and send-outs. There will be many opportunities for your dog to practice obstacles while in class.

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Pre-Requisite: Adult Basic obedience (or comparable). Dogs must have a good knowledge of basic commands especially stay and recall. Dogs should not be reactive to other dogs or people.

Pet Therapy Testing Preparation

This class will practice all of the exercises that your dog will need to perform in order to certify for pet therapy work.

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Pre-Requisite: Dogs must have passed the Adult Basic level class or equivalent.

Training Registration Form


Monday thru Friday
6:45 AM to 7:00 PM

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

(Boarding Pick-up & Drop-off Only)
9:00 AM to Noon

Memorial Day through Labor Day Only (Boarding Pick-up Only) 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM